The 'The Nun' actress is suing Warner Bros.  In violation of a contract to sue for merchandise revenue

Warner Bros. has been accused of Discovery short bonnie aarons her share of the merchandising royalties for playing the role of a satanic nun in Sorcery being.

The complaint includes the names of Warners, New Line Cinemas and Scope Productions, which allegedly had an agreement with Aarons to play the nun in the franchise. She earned $71,500 for her role in the nunwhich made more than $365 million against a budget of $22 million, according to the complaint. Her contract included a $175,000 bonus tied to box office performance as well as a share of profits from merchandise exploiting her character.

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“Instead of accounting and payment in a transparent manner, Warner Bros. is concealing and disguising the true amount of Ms. Aarons’ share of merchandising proceeds, all while continuing to exploit her,” the lawsuit, filed Tuesday in Los Angeles Superior Court, states. .

The agreement states that she is entitled to a “5% pro rata share of 50% of gross revenue” from the merchandising rights license.

Aarons says Warner sent her written statements showing her share of revenue which she claims is “inconsistent with the intense promotional activities” of her character. When asked to open his books, the studio sent her “a spreadsheet containing items matching only a fraction of known licenses,” she claimed.

The complaint alleges breach of contract and breach of an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, which prohibits acting in a manner that undermines the benefits to the counterparty to the agreement.

Demon Nun Aarons, who first appeared in the sequel Sorcerysub-franchise was born, the nun, as well as a range of merchandise, including dolls, jewelry, and stickers. Cast members “whose name or image is used in the particular promotional item” appear to have received a share of the merchandising proceeds, according to the wording of the agreement cited in the complaint.

Warners and New Line did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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